Summer Concert in Broadstairs Trinity Church

We had a wonderful concert in Broadstairs on July 13th. Nice summer weather and great music making from 3 choirs! We were joined by the Elm Singers and by members of the St. John’s (East Dulwich) choir. The whole event presented with a UK weather forecasts theme.

Plenty of families stayed on after the concert for the customary fish and chips on the beach.

Here’s a message from John:

Well done today - you sang wonderfully at the concert in Broadstairs. The solos were good, the choir items were great and we had lots of lovely pianists and other players. Thanks to the parents who helped in lots of different ways, too.

The other Choirs were very impressed with your singing and we shall remember the concert for a LONG time - thank you so much!

And a message from Niamh:

As we reach the end of term, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has been a part of Beckenham Junior Choir and Youth Voices this year. Whether you sang in BJC, YV, or as an adult accompanying the choirs, your voice made a big difference. We have some lovely and talented individual voices in our group, but it’s together that we create something really special. Those who accompanied us on instruments, or even played a solo, did a fantastic job. You are a great asset to our group.